The perfect blend of individual attention and automation

Sequences are sales enablement automations that keep your sales team on track with follow-up, while still allowing for each interaction with prospects to be one-on-one and highly personalized.

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Persistent and Consistent

The key to successful follow-up, for both inbound leads and outbound prospecting, is persistence and consistency. It can take 6-8 touches to get a response from a prospect. Sequences allow you to define a series of touchpoint tasks (calls, emails, meetings, other) that automatically populate on each team member’s calendar related to each new prospect that is assigned to them

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Auto-Enrollment Triggers

You define the trigger criteria and contacts will automatically be enrolled in a sequence when they meet that criteria. Set up the sequences and criteria and you will never have another lead fall through the cracks.

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Email Templates and Call Scripts

Create winning email templates for each step that can be automatically personalized with as many variables as you want. Call scripts can also be optimized and embedded in each call step so each sales rep knows where to take the conversation. Take your best messaging for both calls and email and create templates that can be used across your whole team.

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Load up the Task Player and GO

Your sales team’s new best friend. Enables completing your daily task list mindblowing ease. Choose the tasks you want to work on, load them into the auto-player and Go. Each email will be automatically preloaded for you to personalize or just click Send and Next. Each Call will preload a script template for talking points and with the option to record a call disposition. Each Task is loaded with all of the historical background on the contact to make personalization easy and effective.

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Sales Email Open and Click Tracking

Get notified when one of your contacts opens or clicks on any of your sales emails.

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Find out what works and scale it across your team

One of the best benefits of running a standard sales process with Sequences is that you can start measuring every step to see what is working. Which email template is getting the most opens and clicks? What is the ideal number of touchpoints for each sequence? Which team member is crushing it and why? All of these questions and more can be answered with Sequence Analytics.

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Automate booking meetings and phone calls

No more going back and forth to find the a time that works for a meeting or phone call. Let your contacts find a time on your calendar convenient for them using a convenient booking page that keeps track of all of your open times automatically.

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Gmail and Outlook Integration

GleanView integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Outlook365 so that your sequence emails come from your own email account. All email sent to and received from any of your contacts are automatically logged in that contact and account’s activity history.

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Account Based Backbone

B2B is all about selling into accounts. The entire data structure of GleanView is based around accounts. All individual contact activity is rolled up to the account level, giving you a high level view of account engagement.

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  • Contacts
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  • Saved Custom Views
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  • Assignment Rules
  • Tags
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Affordable and Powerful

GleanView offers a full-featured powerful CRM for an affordable price.

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