Automatically turn anonymous website visitors into leads

On average, less than 5% of the people visiting a website fill out a form. With WebID, you can automatically identify the companies behind the other 95% and turn them into leads

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Step 1 - Track all visitors

Keep track of the comings and goings of every website visitor including:

  • How they found your website
  • How many times they have visited
  • How many pages they have visited
  • How much time they have spent visiting
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Step 2 - Filter out the boring ones

Since WebID pricing depends on how many visitors you want to identify, we have made it easy to filter out the ones that may not be worth using up one of your credits.

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Step 3 - Enrich the interesting ones and turn them into leads

Each identified visitor is enriched with data on revenue range, employee range, and industry codes. With this information, you can perform a second filter and only turn the ones that meet your ideal customer profile into new leads.

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Step 4 - Find contacts for new leads that meet ideal buyer profile

It’s not enough to just have the names of companies visiting your website. You need actionable contact information. That’s where our built in Prospect Finder database comes in. Simply specify your ideal buyer profile details and GleanView will automatically find contacts that meet your criteria for each company.

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Monitor Your Website Performance

In addition to the anonymous visitor identification functionality, with WebID, you also get our Visitor Analytics.

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Full Featured, Robust Account Management

And like our other products, it’s all built on a robust, account-based CRM that’s included with our WebID product.

  • Dashboard
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • User Management
  • Saved Custom Views
  • Roles/Permissions
  • Assignment Rules
  • Tags
  • Bulk Edit
  • Bulk Import
  • Bulk Export

Affordable and Powerful

GleanSell PowerCRM

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Turn website visitors into leads


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$100 One-Time Fee

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Turn Anonymous Visitors into Leads

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